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Our FREE "Animated Tracing Letters" for Kids and Teachers!

Watch letter animation in one window while drawing in another.

Communication Training
Children's Resources & Special Education

The fabulous
AllKidsGo!™ series
young children
autistic & special learners

*** "Talking Tracing-Letters" for Tux Paint ***
(Includes free download of Tux Paint program)

Consulting Services
  • Analysis and redesign of your organization's reporting system
  • Organization-wide surveys on communication issues
  • Corporate writing
  • Manuals
  • Model documents and guidelines for company-internal use
  • Publicity
Individual Support
  • Same-day editorial service
  • Writing service
  • Instant help with important presentations
  • Expert advice on tough professional or personal situations
  • Private training to improve specific communication skills

Test your writing and communication skills!
Start on the path to improvement right here and now. You can test your style, grammar, punctuation, spelling ...
general writing skills ... presentation skills ... understanding of body language ...
persuasiveness ... even your knowledge of "Baseball English."

View free articles on all aspects of communication:
Business writing, breaking writer's block, winning over a difficult audience ...
learning English as a second language, handling audience questions, writing a trip report that will boost your career ...
and much more!

Improve your presentation skills with our authoritative book, The Short Road to Great Presentations, published by Wiley and available from!

The only book you need to improve your presentations! View Contents

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    A reader review from

    From preparation to final delivery, from overcoming stage fright to managing Power Point, this wonderfully engaging and easy-to-read book takes you through every aspect of giving a presentation -- and makes it easy! By the time I had finished it, I felt able to give just about any presentation to any size or type of group. I went out and did it, using the Reimolds' methods, and it worked. I got my message across, and I think I did it persuasively. Anyone who has to give a presentation must take "The Short Road" to success.

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